» B6 Akustik has in the latest 30 years been among Europe's leading manufacturers within developing and producing sound insulation and sound absorption material.

» We offer individual solutions to minimize the noise that may appear in machines, cabins, windmills, maritime constructions etc.


» B6 Akustik focus on comfort - we construct the best solutions to minimize al types of noise, vibrations or resonant sounds. We offer expertise and professional assistance related to sound and improved acoustics.

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SOUND absoRption

Sound absorbers.

Materials that absorb the noise energy, and creates a better acoustic sound comfort.


Noice reduction.

Materials that reduce the noise, and lower the dB level.


Remove vibrations.

Materials that minimize vibrations and eliminates resonance (structure borne sound).

Choose the right film.

We supply numerous types and different colours of unique surfaces in
PVC, PU, Textiles and Alu etc..


industry aCOUSTICS

Create better acoustics in your Production.

Hygiene baffles for the food industry, or industry baffles for general factory buildings, warehouses etc. free-hanging or directly wall-mounted.


Create better acoustics in your Office.

AntoNoise Wall- and Ceiling panels for your Office, or in the day care.
This product is easy to mount, and will lead to a shorter reverberation time, better acoustic comfort - and a better speech intelligibility.

maritimE aCOUSTICS

Remove the noise on your boat (marine).

B6 Akustik specializes in acoustic products for maritime use.

Among others we manufacture DNV approved products, for applying in the engine room, cabins, hull, or the other cavities of the ship.

Innovation is our specialty.

At B6 Akustik, we are pleased to develop special products in cooperation with you.
Often, the best acoustic solution is a custom developed application matched to your specific needs.










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