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B6 Akustik stock a vide range of different foam materials, which we all offer as both whole plates and cut into specific measures.

Primarily, we produce items for sound insulating purposes, but if you should have other requests, e.g. items for packaging, thermal insulation, vibration damping etc. do not hesitate to contact us to get a good offer (see our technical website

Below you can see a wide range:

» PU - Polyurethane foam (polyether and Polyester)
» PU - Basotect
» PU - Bonded Foam
» PE - Polyethylene
» Rubber


PUR Foam, 30 kg/m3 PUR Foam, 40 kg/m3


PPI-10 Foam PUR Foam w/folio



Polyurethane foam
(Polyether and Polyester)


The material comes primarily in densities from 17 to 55 kg/m3, and is typically made as an open celled and flexible foam material.

The polyether foam seems softer compared with a polyester foam, and both types are used for numerous applications, as e.g. lining in ventilation systems, mattresses, gaskets, inserts in transport boxes etc.

The materials from B6 can be delivered with or without a surface, and with or without adhesives, depending on the use and foam quality.





Basotect, White

Fire: B1 & M1 Approved

Basotect, White & Gray

Fire: B1 & M1 Approved


Basotect, as sound absorption.


Basotect foam
(Melamine basis)


BASOTECT comes in white or grey melamine based, open celled low-density foam.

BASOTECT is used for sound-, fire-, and thermal insulating lining.


The product is very suitable as sound absorber for instance in machines, electronic equipment, and wherever there are special requirements for thermo stability and fire safety as e.g. in the train- and ventilation industry.


The product has excellent sound absorption ability in open offices, and because of its low density, it is very easy to handle.


BASOTECT has also an abrasive effect, which among others are suitable to remove minor dirt and scratches on fibre glass, stainless steel sinks etc.



Bonded Foam, 100 kg/m3 Bonded Foam, 80 Kg/m3


Bonded Foam, 80-230 kg/m3 Bonded Foam 100 kg/m3
with alufoil
with adhesive



Bonded Foam
(Regenerated Polyurethane foam)


Bonded foam is a regenerated material - i.e. made by in a re-compression process, where different kinds of PU foam types are glued together under pressure.

The material is stocked in densities from 80 to 230 kg/m3 and contains primarily open celled foam.

The advantage of Bonded foam is that through the re-generation process the material can achieve high densities still being flexible.


Bonded foam is used for numerous applications, like e.g. sound attenuation material for machines, the shipping industry, the wind industry etc. It is also used for industrial cushioning purposes, packaging and cushions for the furniture industry.


The materials from B6 can be delivered with or without surfaces and with or without adhesive tape depending on the purpose and foam quality.




PE - AlveoBloc  NA3600

Fire: B2 Approved

PE - GA25

Fire: B1 Approved


PE - GA33
PE - Stratocell 24 kg/m3
(non Crosslinked)



Polyethylene foam
(PE foam)


Polyethylene foam, also called PE-foam, is a strong resilient closed celled foam type.

The material is heat- and cold insulating and water-resistant. PE is typically used for cushioning, vibration damping and packaging.


In addition to this, some seals and gaskets are made in PE foam, primarily for use where no big continuous mechanical exposures are found.

Polyethylene is an easy material to handle, it does not crumble, and it is flexible and cost effective.
PE-foam is typically impenetrable for mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria.


The materials from B6 can be delivered with or without a surface and with or without adhesive tape depending on the purpose and foam quality.








"Pastilmåtte" (Black cirkular) "Standard måtte"
Rubber top w/
PE Foam as underlayer





Rubber-cloths with patterns.


B6 Gruppen stock rubber cloths and plates in many different qualities and thicknesses. Whole rolls of rubber cloths can be delivered directly from our stock. In addition to this, we can cut the rubber or stamp it into customized measures and e.g. add an adhesive tape. 

We can deliver rubber cloth in e.g. neoprene, nitril, EPDM, nature, SBR, para rubber, silicone as some of the standard qualities.


The rubber cloths are among others used for Rubber- and hose gaskets, membranes, rubber interlayer etc.

Rubber cloth is also used for flooring, driver's cabins and maritime flooring.

We can also offer combined solutions, e.g. a black rubber mat laminated with a PE foam (used for floors)

The material can be delivered with or without adhesive depending on the purpose and the desired foam quality and adhesiveness.






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